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TiziWATER Ionisators
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Scale deposits, pipe corrosion and bacterial growth











Magnetic Water Treatment for Calcium Deposit Control

TiziWATER magnetic Ionisators will solve your scale and water treatment problems without chemicals, expensive installations, maintenance or external power supply!

TiziWATER magnetic calcium deposit control for freshwater installations are an interesting alternative to the traditional water treatment systems for scale control with all their many disadvantages.

Magnetic water treatment with magnetic wave Ionisators has proven worldwide in millions of installations its excellent performance and is becoming more and more popular because it is an interesting alternative to the existing methods of water treatment for scale prevention like:

- ion-exchange systems (= high maintenance cost and salt in the drinkingwater and pollution of waste water)

- reverse osmose system ( = encreases fresh  water consumption )

- chemical additives for water treatment ( = pollution)

These tradional used water treatment systems have many disadvantages, are expensive to install and require continuous maintenance.

The better and cheaper solution for preventing scale deposit in and outside the fresh water system is


with strong permanent magnets.

The water flows between the magnets and receives a max. field strength of 2 x 10 000 GAUSS. It gets the initial push to change existing calcium molecules into smaller aragonite calcium molecules ( = soft type of calcium) which does not build up new scale anymore in plumbing systems and boilers.

We are using for the production of TiziWATER Accelerators only high powered Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets with a field strength of max.12 500 GAUSS each, compared with 1500 - 3000 GAUSS for the Ferrite Type magnets used by many of our competitors. The magnetic power of the Neodymium magnets remain powerful for more than 100 or more years!

Two alternative design systems of Ionisators are offered by us:

TiziWATER Ionisators for "INLINE" or "Online" installation:



" Inline " Ionisators

The TiziWATER "INLINE" Ionisators are installed directly into the water pipe. The water flows directly through narrow passages of Neodymim magnetic cushions inside the TiziWATER Ionisator. Inline Ionisators are offering always a good result but are vulnearable if iron particles are in the fresh water flow. These particles will hang on the magnets and can close the passages after a certain time completely. In order to prevent this the installation of a particle filter of 50 - 150 mm mesh size has to be installed upfront the TiziWATER Ionisator. This filter will prevent iron particles to reach the TiziWATER Ionisator and stick to it.

TiziWATER "online"

( = Ionisators are just clamped on the water pipe)

The TiziWATER external " online " Inisators are an alternative to TiziWATER "inline" ionisators and provide also a very good anti-scale performance with a magnetic field power of max. 2 x 8 -10000 GAUSS. They require somewhat lower investment, are fast installed and can be directly used on PVC, PE, HDPE, stainless steel or copper pipes.

For steel or galvanized steel pipes a stainless steel pipe insert of approx. 200 - 400 mm is required if "0nline" TiziWATER Ionisators are to be used in order to provide full magnetic power to the water. Fixing "online" ionisators on a galvanized steel pipe will make the steel pipe magnetized and not the water flow.

Therefore most producers of Ionisators for scale control are recommending to exchange a small piece of steel pipe with a piece ofPVC, PE, HDPE, stainless steel or copper pipe of same diameter that are not disturbing the magnetic field force at all.

Neodymium magnets provide highest magnetic field strength

We are using for the production of TiziWATER Accelerators only high powered Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets with a field strength of 12 500 GAUSS each, compared with 1500 - 3000 GAUSS for the much cheaper Ferrite Type magnets used by many of our competitors. The magnetic power of the Neodymium magnets remain powerful for more than 100 or more years whereas Ferrit type magnets are loosing its power within 2 - 3 years completely.


Benefits of magnetic water treatment with TiziWATER Ionisators

keeps Plumbing systems, water heaters or shower heads free from lime scale and reduces

power consumption of water boilers much reduced as no scale is building up on the heating metal lines.

removes completely existing scale within 2 - 6 months improves water flow

produces "soft water" w.o. taking out the valuable Ca and Mg minerals out of it

does not replace calcium molecules by salt molecules as it is the case e.g. by the use Ion exchange systems

no need of chemicals calcium deposit control

cost for periodical removing of Calcium deposits can be saved completely

reduces corrosion caused by low Ph value and high CO2 content  

reduces development of bacteria and prevents bioactivity of water ( sludge, algae,  microbes, mushrooms ) in water systems, cooling towers and air washing units of ac.  systems no need for chlorine or other water disinfections systems in swimming pools

reduces consumption of detergents or textile softeners for washing and dish washing    machines by 20 - 40 % prevents formation of corrosive "rust" water caused by low Ph value

Ph value of water is increased by approx. 0.4 - 0.6 brings spring water vitality to your tap water

Many people from the health sector claim that magnetized water brings health benefits and is improving also the growth of trees, vegetables and flowers.



















































































TiziWATER Ionisators for magnetic watertreatment

protects plumbing systems, boilers, sanitary installations, cooling systems, cooling towers and machines against scale and corrosion

TiziWATER Ionisators are using the same physical effect as it is used by TiziWATER devices but they are not soldered inside but clamped around the pipe.

A strong permanent magnetic field is beaming it's energy of 10 000 Gauss magnetic field force on the water which flows inside the pipe. The calcium molecules (Ca) in the water are changed into much smaller Aragonite molecules , which are much softer and belong to the calcium type molecules. The Aragonite molecules are loaded positive and cannot deposit themselves anymore on the negative charged pipe walls. The flowing positive charged water molecules remove completely existing calcium scale deposit within 2 - 6 months.
















TiziWATER advantages reported by our users

  • pipes and valves remain for ever complete free of scale
  • water gets more oxygen, gets vitalized and tastes much better
  • water is less corrosive and mostly prevents "rust water"
  • water becomes "soft" and accepts soaps, shampoos, detergents,
    or fertilizer much better
  • detergents for washing machines are reduced by 20-40 %
  • heating elements of boilers remain clean and loss
    heat exchangers remain clean

Easy installation TiziWATER "online" Ionisators can be fixed in a few minutes !



Magnetic fields can not penetrate in full force through steel or galvanized steel pipes. An easy procedure is made in this case:

A small piece of the existing steel pipe of 200 mm length is cut out and replaced by the TiziWATER which is mounted on a 200 mm long stainless steel pipe. By use of the special quickset couplings the whole installation requires less than 10 minutes




















TiziWATER TMK Ionisators
magneto-physical water treatment
at lowest investment cost and free of maintenance

no more scale - no more algae growth - reduces bacteries growth