magnetic water treatment applications

Magneto-Physical Water Treatment
Calcium Deposits on water systems








Our magnetic water treatment system can be installed quickly to an existing plumbing system with immediate results. The magnetic field stops calcium scale deposits, increases water vitality and stops bacterial growth. The magnetic water treatment system doesn't use any chemicals so there is no pollution of the waste water system plus there is not maintenance cost at all!

The following are only a few applications where the TiziWATER Ionisators can be used with great success in different fields of applications:




  • plumbing systems
  • air conditioning systems
  • laundries
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • showers
  • solar water heater systems
  • dish washing machines
  • electric and gas boilers
  • central heating systems
  • coffee machines

commercial and public buildings

  • offices
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • shopping centers
  • swimming pools



protects our water

system from

clogging and saves money

and maintenances




  • cooling towers
  • air conditioning systems
  • compressors
  • condensers
  • industrial injection systems
  • concrete mixing plants
  • paper mills
  • bottle washers
  • industrial washing machines
  • evaporators
  • hydraulic installations
  • pasteurizers
  • oil and petrochemical industries

Public utilities

  • waste water treatment plants
  • fresh water treatment plants
  • desalination plants


  • cattle farms
  • animal breeding
  • poultry farming
  • fish farms
  • green houses
  • soil desalination
  • irrigation of plantations


Calcium Scale Deposits damages
your water system and
increase energy cost

  • calcium deposit reduces
    pipe diameter and pipe
    capacity gradually until the
    water flow is completely

  • scale deposits on heat
    exchangers of water boilers
    increase fuel costs

    1/16" scale = + 15 %
    1/8" " = + 25 %
    1/4" " = + 40 %
  • valves can become
    completely blocked
    because of calcium