magnetic fuel treatment technology




better combustion - less fuel cost - quick pay off time



The new easy way to reduce fuel with a small investment that is paid back by fuel or gas savings in a few months in most applications

  •    reduces fuel consumption up

  -      up to 20 % for oil burners           

  -      up to 10 % for natural gas and LPG burners    

  •   reduces exhaust gases CO and HC of oil burners of boilers


TiziCALOR improves combustion of oil/gas burners and does not need any external energy or service
TMK 3000 + 3001
for oil and gas
burners and for large diesel engines

TMA 4004 on 4"
natural gas  feeding line of  boiler


TiziCALOR                          TC 102 installed on oil feeding line to burner


Fuel savers for oil and gas boilers are available for "inline" or "online" installation.




model TiziCALOR TW 1002H


for all oil burners up to 1200 KW/h



Model TiziCALOR TW 1002H is TÜV certified !

The German TÜV Test Institute ( Technischer Ueberwachungsverein) has tested this inline Fuel Saver in 2006 and certified that it had reduced during the their test series the fuel consumption by 15 %.

"TiziCALOR "online" fuel savers

are easy to install and very efficient

we are offering different online models for small and larger oil and natural gas burners and for diesel engines

 model TC 102 external quick mount

  for oil burners of boilers up to 800 KW and also for larger gasoline and diesel engines of   cars, trucks, generators and constrution machines.Fits to fuel lines of  max. 25 mm o.d.

  model TMK 3000 external quick mount

  To be used for oil and gas fuel lines from 14 - 32 mm o.d.size of big truck or marine   engines or fuel burners. Also suitable for large diesel or natural gas operated engines.

  model TMK 3001 external quick mount

  For oil and gas fuel lines from 30 - 63 mm o.d. size.

 series TMA  external quick mount

  For natural and LPG gas feeding pipes ( only copper, brass or stainless steel) from 2" - 10" od.


  TiziCALOR Fuel Savers are used with success world wide in private houses, appartment houses,   industrial and public buildings, indoor plantations, hotels and hospitals. The average achieved   results .. are between 9 - 20 % lower fuel consumption of the burners or engines and much   better exhaust values.

TiziCALOR Fuel Saving System is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce fuel consumption for ever !




Why does the TiziCALOR Ion-Accelerator reduce fuel consumption of boilers and heaters up to  20 % ?


The oil or gas is forced to flow through a very strong magnetic field produced by natural permanent magnets. They do not require any outside electrical power source and will not loose the magnetic power for more than a hundred years. The magnetic field will change the molecular structure of the fuel or gas. The hydrocarbon molecules are building cluster chains. Magnetic force will brake these chains into smaller ones. This allows the hydrocarbon molecules to attract more oxygen. More O2 will automatically improve the combustion process and increase the energy potential of the gas oil or gas introduced in the burner head of the boiler furnace.

Field Observations after installation of TiziCALOR
Ion Accelerators into or on the supply line of gas or oil burners

  • In most cases the stack temperature of the exhaust gas is increased up to 25° C within less than 20 minutes after installation. This means that with the same amount of oil or gas more heat is produced. By reducing the amount of oil or gas introduced the initial exhaust gas temperature can be reached  again. The reduced amount of oil or gas per hour is the effective achieved fuel saving.   
  • Reduction of fuel consumption depends on regulation of the O2 level in the exhaust gas but was in all cases between 5% and 20 %.                                                                                                                                                        
  • The color of flame changes from yellow to blue or green blue                                                     
  • CO in the exhaust gas will be reduced from 75% - 90% because combustion is much
    more complete                                                                                                                                                
  • We observe in most of the cases a drop in the stack temperature of about 20° Celsius after some days / weeks due to the reduction of carbon deposits in the boiler. This means an additional saving of energy, because the heat radiations can be easier transferred into the water of the boiler. Any carbon deposits has the effect of an insulation. 
  • O2 excess in exhaust fumes can be reduced for oil  + gas burners down to
    a value of   1,5  - 3,5 % without producing higher CO gases. This will
    increase CO2 value up to 15%! That means the combustion goes near the stoichiometric balance of approx. 15.5 % of CO2. More CO2 means a higher efficiency of the burner.                                                                                                                                       
  • The soot production will stay at max. 0,2 - 0.5 factor if the regulation has been made correctly



fuel savers for oil and gas boilers

fuel savers for diesel and gasoline engines



Reduces fuel consumption of heaters and engines up to 20 %



engine Fuel Saver

type TIZICALOR TC 102 for boilers and large diesel engines


Inline Fuel Saver for boilers up to 1200 KW type


German TÜV Test certified for approx. 15 % reduction of consumption!